Glomex VHF Antenna 1.05M Stainless Steel

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The RA106 series antennas are reliable and solid, ideal for any type of boat, whether a sailboat or a motorboat and for tenders as well (version RIB).

The RA106SLSSB18 is a VHF antenna designed for sailboats with the tapered stainless steel rod which can absorb extreme forces without damage. It's equipped with Glomex "RA106 solderless” connector, waterproof and solderless, easing the installation.

Installation: Sail Boat

Technical specification

Frequency Range156/162 MHz

Gain Average: 3 dB

Impendance: 50 ohms

Polarization: Vertical

SWR: 1,3 at 156,8 MHz

Max input power: 100 W

DC Ground: Yes

Antenna Length: 900/35’’

Antenna weight: 180g/6,35oz

Termination: RA106 solderless connector 

Supplied Accessories

Connector PL259 Male

RA138 Threaded Protection

RA106BRACKINOX stainless steel bracket

Coaxial Cable 18 mt

RA140 Feed-Thru

Optional Accessories


RA135 4 way ratchet mount

RA106BRACKET aluminium bracket

RA201 splitter

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