NMEA0183 wi-fi gateway

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The NMEA0183 takes the data output from your instruments and outputs it over Wi-Fi for use by apps on your phone or tablet, or software on your laptop or PC.


This lets you get all of your boat's instrument data into your app, instead of just relying on the built-in GPS, and it also lets you use your laptop without the need for a USB cable to feed in the data.


You can use it with the TeamSurv app for Apple  or Android devices, or with any of the many other apps available.




Sensible Pricing

It doesn't make sense to pay hundreds of pounds to connect your phone or tablet to your instruments, when you think what your apps cost you.

App Compatibility

We have designed the device for maximum compatibility with your apps, with both TCP and UDP support, and the ability to change IP addresses and port numbers to match your app's needs.

Network Flexibility

For a simple installation the device can act as a wireless Access Point (AP) that you connect your devices to, or if you have a router on board the device can be a client to the router. When acting as an AP, it also acts as a DHCP Server for easy setup of your phone or tablet.

NMEA Flexibility

The device sends and receives NMEA0183 data, the industry standard for many years, and still output by most newer instruments that use NMEA2000. The NMEA port is fully opto-isolated in both directions, and will tolerate inadvertent connections to the boat's power supply.


Standard Wi-Fi security is used to keep your network secure, and the configuration pages are also password protected.


Designed for boats in mind, it will run off a 12V or 24V DC supply, and tolerate voltages from 7 to 32V, as well as reverse polarity protection and an internal self-resetting fuse.

Ease of Use

Just point your web browser at the device and you are led through the setup and configuration.

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