Outboard motor cover

Outboard motor cover

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Waveline Outboard Cover

Covers for engines are ideal for their protection against water, sun and dust. They are made from extra strong polyester 420D, and are 0.15mm thick for maximum water resistance and UV protection. The full body covers are suitable for outboard engines up to 150HP. The top part engine covers are suitable for engines up to 90HP. The full body covers feature an elastic cord and a zipper, to ensure the best possible engine protection, including its shaft. Each of the engine covers are available in silver.

Top part cover- 2.5- SHP (44 x 25 x 28cm)


Top part cover 9-15HP (50 x 20.8 x 23.5cm)

Top part cover 15-20HP(50 x 31 x 31cm

Top part cover 20-30HP (56 x 39.5 x 22cm)

Top part cover- 65-90HP (58.5 x 52 x 35cm)

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