Sitpack Compact Foldable Seat

Sitpack Compact Foldable Seat

£29.00 / pack(s)

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Go ahead sitpack and relax!  One of a kind telescopic mechanism allows for extreme compactibility and portability, designed to be quick and easy to use! For the first time ever it's truly hassle free to bring a seat for resting while on the go - fold and unfold it in seconds, and your ready to keep moving...


  • Same size as 50 cl can and weighs 0,6 kg/1,32 lbs.
  • Made of glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate
  • Height adjustable to fit all sizes
  • Good for back and blood flow
  • Comes with one interchangeable anti-slip rubber foot. 
  • Maximum weight 100kg/220lbs


Product Note Status Price
Sitpack Foot Sitpack Foot
£5.00 / pack(s) *
Sitpack Cover and Strap Sitpack Cover and Strap
£12.00 / pack(s) * Notify on availability

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